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About Us

From our humble beginnings, starting with one small office and five employees in March of 1978 in Belzoni, MS, Mid-Delta Home Health, Hospice and Durable Medical Equipment continues to grow, with offices and professionals serving a large portion of the State of Mississippi, providing not only improved health care services, but also job and training opportunities to a majority of our state’s medically underserved, economically-depressed rural counties. 

A Christian-centered organization, Mid-Delta knows what it takes to provide the best in care, education, and support. We believe in putting our patients’ healthcare care and wellbeing first and working in collaboration with their primary treating professionals in following their plan of care. Through the power of continual education and technological advances, we are able to help implement best practices to ensure positive healthcare outcomes for our patients.

Our Team Members

We believe in taking a multi-disciplinary team approach in caring for every aspect of our patients and their families’ lives, medically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Our skilled, compassionate team members consist of:

Certified Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses / Licensed Practical Nurses
Certified Nursing Assistants
Ministers / Clergy
Home Health Aides
Social Workers / Counselors
Staff Dietitians
Physical and Rehab Therapists

Mission Statement

This Organization exists for the purpose of providing quality-focused, cost-effective, comprehensive interdisciplinary healthcare services and programs, including palliative and hospice care services addressing the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of care, as an integrated whole to the terminally ill, their families and/or significant others. Dedicated to changing health care for the better, one patient at a time.

Clara Reed, PhD, BA, RN
Founder and President

Message from Our President

When I entered the healthcare industry as a nurse many years ago, I did so with a heart to serve. A heart to change healthcare in Mississippi by improving the quality of care, giving accessibility to great care for all, and educating people related to taking responsibility for managing their chronic disease and improving their health status.

Establishing Mid-Delta Home Health, Hospice and DME in March of 1978 allowed me to do that and so much more. Working hand in hand with primary care physicians, certified nurse practitioners and their patients and families, our team provides excellent care with a personal touch in the privacy and comfort of where they call home. What better place than at home, in familiar surroundings, loved on by family and friends while recovering from an injury or illness. Or, when recovery is no longer possible, we are here to provide support and compassion as we prepare and educate the patient and their family on the end-of-life process. Once the patient and family know what to expect in the terminal process, they can concentrate more on creating cherished memories with their loved ones until the end of time comes. 

Being able to provide job opportunities at competitive wages to both medical and nonmedical professionals is a wonderful byproduct of being in this industry – especially in an area such as the Mississippi Delta which has a long history of economic depression.

What a privilege it is to be able to serve!

Providing exceptional care and service remains our focus. And, with the advances in technology, such as tele-health and telemonitoring, and continuous training of our staff, we do our very best to treat our patients like family, because you are our family.

To our very dedicated staff, you make me proud each and every day!

“A Conversation with Home Health and Hospice Pioneer Clara Taylor Reed”, National Association for Home Care & Hospice